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Key Challenge's Sending bulk emails from your onsite or cloud based email servers are time consuming process, required hardware, software and skilled resources which are highly expensive.
Our Solutions Enrich Aim provides cost-effective and faster email marketing solution which will help you to
  • Manage subscribers
  • Send emails
  • Track results
  • Email list management
  • Automation
  • Real-time reporting
  • Social integration
  • And more.
The fast evolving marketing industry has transformed and undergone a paradigm shift in its processes. Messaging has become immensely popular and sought after for promotional and advertising purposes. It is a fast, reliable and a convenient way to reach your customers.
It also eliminates geographical barriers, giving you the flexibility to reach your customers from anywhere and at any time. Experience the potential of seamless connectivity and interact with your customers like never before.
  • Dashboard – The dashboard gives you a comprehensive view. This includes a summary of the SMS delivery status report, latest campaigns and the current month day wise report.
  • Simple SMS – This option can be utilized to send a one-time SMS to a person. You can view the validity as well as the balance SMS credits in the alert box.
  • Bulk SMS – The bulk SMS option can be utilized for sending a collection of messages to a group of people. You can view the validity as well as the balance SMS credits in the alert box.
  • SMS Campaigns – This option can be utilized to view a summary of all the campaigns that have been held. You can view the status as well as the schedule time for reference purposes.
  • Address book – You can maintain an address book of the contacts that you send the messages to. Through the address book option, you would be able to search for contacts, create new groups, add new numbers as well as import contacts from other files.
  • Templates – The templates option enables you to create templates for messages that can be utilized for sending messages at a later stage. The existing templates can also be updated using the update template option.
  • Campaigns reports – You’ll find a summary of the campaigns that are launched and information regarding the monthly campaigns status as well as the monthly day wise report.
  • Monthly reports – Monthly and yearly reports can be viewed here. The respective month and year can be selected and the results will appear in the form of line and bar graphs.
  • User reports – Information regarding the SMS delivery status reports, latest campaigns, the status of the monthly messages that are sent, SMS delivery status on campaigns as well as the current month day wise reports can be found here.
  • Manage users – You would be able to add new users as well as assign sender IDs and routes to the users. You can also manage the users by viewing fields such as the assigned and remaining credits.