Professional Consultancy Services

ENRICH AIM Professional Consultancy Services helps organization source, recruit and manage their most important assets - Human Resources.

We have extensive experience in sourcing teams to service clients.

This gives the client the flexibility to rely on one source for resources and provides us the edge required to ensure that team dynamics works to the advantage of the client both in terms of quality and cost.

Such models have been tried and successfully implemented by the management team in numerous occasions across the globe for clients with differing objectives and cultures.

Our Staffing Service Models are:

Organisations are looking at the activities that add value to what they provide to their clients and where they need to focus their limited resources to make sure they make a difference.
Enrich Aim provides clients temporary staffing support in the IT and back office segments.
We mobilize our resources in the IT market place in short contract period.
Clients can thus leverage on the experience, performance and contribution of the deployed resources while enjoying flexibility and freedom with regard to recruitment and replacement.
Benefits of our temporary staffing services are:
  • Address dynamic skills & flexibility of resourcing
  • No permanent liability of resources
  • Cost & Time saving in the recruitment and replacement process
  • Cost saving in administration & accounting costs
  • Statutory obligations like PF, Leave Benefits etc are no longer customers responsibility
  • Lower fixed costs
Permanent staffing is great importance in the human resource strategy of every company today.
All permanent searches are conducted on a contingency fee basis, a fee is charged for our service only when you hire a job seeker we have recruited for your organization.
As a permanent staffing service firm, we follow a single window approach, delivering the end-to-end services involves:
  • Analyze staffing requirement
  • Screening resumes at our database
  • Find suitable candidates
  • Conduct preliminary interview
  • Interview coordination & scheduling
  • Negotiating salaries
Rapidly changing technology needs, the need to limit manpower cost liability during periods of uncertain and indeterminate resource requirement, requirement of flexibility in recruitment and replacement of resources etc may lead to an organisation not wanting to recruit a permanent workforce for a specific project.
Instead they would opt for the contractual mode of employment wherein they would want to route such resources through another organisation while they continue to work on their projects.  
Utilizing our contract professionals helps
  • Reduce costs and mitigate risks 
  • Offers flexibility and specialized knowledge
  • Reduce Employment Cost & Increase Staffing Flexibility
  • Reduce Payroll Tax Issues and Reduce Benefits Administration
  • No medical insurance, life insurance, retirement
  • No pension plan contributions
  • Maintain Budget Controls & No unnecessary overhead costs
  • No expense or administration associated with payroll withholdings
  • No deductions
Core benefits of our Contract Services
  • We will handle all paper works of our contract staff claims
  • We have full time qualified employees of Contract Administrators available to solve any problems that might arise.
  • Monthly report of our contract staffs placed at your office and working for you
  • Single point of contact for all your contract staffing needs
  • Vast database of various skilled professional’s profiles to find your exact match